Social Media and Privacy Policy

Social Media

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are regularly used by the club and members in a positive manner to help share information and bring together members of the club for discussion and add to the enjoyment of the game.

Each club member and supporter is responsible for what they share and post online but as a club we encourage the tools to not be mistreated and to keep the content positive in relation to hockey matters. Any negative or inappropriate posts online towards any club member, player, opposition, league or umpire is a reflection of our club and should not be made. Hockey bodies such as leagues and clubs may decide to take action against individuals or the club should comments made on social media be deemed as inappropriate, derogatory or bring the integrity of others into disrepute.

Monitoring this is extremely difficult for the club and we ask that members and supporters use common sense and think before posting any comments on social media that could portray the club in a negative light.

Privacy Policy

As we are sure you are all aware, through the many emails you will have recieved recently, data protection laws in the UK (GDPR) have been altered as of 25h May 2018. In keeping with the new guidelines, please read the link below which outlines the privacy policy in use by Bolton HC. This polciy can also be found on the club website under Club Information > Club Documents.

BHC Privacy Policy

Should you have any questions regarding this, please contact a member of the club committee.