AGM 2019

The AGM is an opportunity for the committee to report back to the members & to elect a new committee to continue the work for the upcoming season. We invite all of our members to attend and show your support, and voice your opinions.

This years AGM will again be held before the end of season dinner at Bolton Old Links Golf Club at 6pm. If you are not attending the dinner you are still welcome to attend the AGM.

The sole purpose of the club is to give all of our members the opportunity to play hockey at a competitive level. In order to do this we are totally reliant on volunteers to give their time to amongst a very many other things to handle the administration of the running of the club, to run and coach training sessions, to drive the club forward to allow us to survive and grow, and of course get us all out on the pitch each weekend.

The Club Committee
The Club Committee have the power to co-opt further members for specific meeting items as and when required. Individuals may hold only one position on the Club Committee. All roles are voluntary elected positions and represent one year of office with the exception of the President which is a 2 year post.

Below are the committee positions that are up for election at the AGM. If you would like more information on any position please contact the club or speak to a current member of the committee.

  • Chairperson
  • Club Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Fixtures Secretary
  • Umpire Secretary
  • Club Development Officer
  • Men’s Vice Chair
  • Ladies Vice Chair
  • Youth Representative
  • Social Secretary
  • General Representative (two positions)

In addition to the core elected Club Committee roles the club also requires the following positions to be filled. These are as followed:

  • Marketing Officer/Webmaster
  • Welfare Officer
  • Team Captains

All positions must be voted in at the AGM, each position needing at least two members to back a member to be elected as a committee member. Where more than one member has been nominated for a role, a vote will be held to determine who will get the role. If you are interested in a role please let a member of the current committee know. This is simply an expression of interest and does not tie you into the role in any way.

As a club we are always looking for new ideas on the committee so strongly advise members to consider volunteering for a role and getting more involved with the club.